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Staring at the Sun

9:59 post Solar eclipse. I have just come out of a 50 minute long meditation. London has been in total obscurity since before the Moon began her transit and remains so at this moment.  I have deeply desired seeing an eclipse in this lifetime, always a Stargazer seeing an eclipse with my eyes was up there with shooting stars and comets.

Today the Universe had other plans…

But I felt it, and I mean I FELT it. Somewhere along my meditation journey I experience a massive shift, an unblocking, it took my breath away.

What a message. In fact what a Piscean message.  The sign most associated with the unknown, with faith (I believe) and with universal service, melting into one. Obscurity is irrelevant this is about feeling, connecting…hoping.  Our message is to connect with intent to the two most powerful heavenly bodies in our psyche, offering us the fullest blessings of Pisces:

“See each other, hear each other, feel each other with the entirety of your being, your I AM

Have hope, have faith, be LOVE”

Namaste 💖🌟💖


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