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Elestial buddies

Today has been a much calmer, grounded day after yesterday’s euphoric meditation.  As i sat contemplating what to write today my Irish quartz crystal drew my attention.

Time to get to work and time for a bit of crystal healing for myself.

I started by studying the crystal, the details of its formation, the slight elestial quality, the different shades of white and grey, the impacted soil and as I connecting with it my attention shifted to a large smokey quarzt elestial I received from my crystal healing teacher.  Ok, so today would be about working with these two crystals. The dark and the light.

Connecting with my smokey quartz i placed it on my sacral chakra. Immediately I felt an almost icy trickly feeling radiating from my centre out towards my hips. Not an unpleasant feeling more like stepping into the sea for the first time. The smokey continued to do its work on my sacral chakra this time towards my lower back which conversely started to feel warm.  I saw images of great large plains of earth, not sand and not lush green either, just earth. The image gave me a sense of calm.

After working with the smokey I picked up my clear quartz crystal and here it’s purpose was revealed to me.  The clear quartz is a double terminated piece which means it comes a point on both ends.  Not only that but on one end there are a serious of smaller quartz points in a cluster.  Intuitively I held the quartz with the cluster point down and “saw” a cone of light emanating from it, rather like the light of a torch.

The feeling was very different. The cold feeling was gone and replaced with a tingling, a little warmer but this felt about movement.  In fact, block removal.  It was bathing my sacral chakra in light, following what was the more assertive manner of the smokey.  So the smokey was shaking out the blocks and the clear quartz was removing and repairing.

Smokey quartz is a great stone for removing toxins, negative energy, getting in there and finding those dense pockets of energy but it can also be quite overpowering so it makes sense that clear quartz would tidy things up after, remove the block completely and settle the energy back down.    Crystal yin and yang.

What a great discovery and with the energy of the Equinox no doubt divinely ordained timing.  Restoring the balance I most surely need with that Aries spring energy abound!

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