Spiritual work

Get ready…get set…

Back in London town after a damn near perfect Bank holiday weekend.  Even the A1 traffic seemed less of a frustration than normal as we coasted back down south.

Happily esconced in our own piece of England now and thinking about my tomorrow.  Normally there is that back-to-school feeling, the slight sinking of the stomach as my HR job floats back into my consciousness.  But this is a different tomorrow. One I get to create how I want it to be from the moment I open my eyes.  And I am excited.  And motivated. With much vim and plenty of vigour.  I can sense that Aries fire building, stirring up my Mars and prodding my Sun awake…

But I am minded, to hold on to the nugget of serious, the early birthday present from sensible Saturn, doing his best to maintain my Earth.

“Don’t get carried away” He tells my errant ones, my sense of adventure and possibility. “Create a stable foundation, keep your discipline, stay practical.  With this you will create what you need”

And with that my guidance is set.


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