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A day ruled by Uranus today. Unpredictable, curveballs and a strong emphasis of Wtf as the day’s equilibrium was bullied out of normal state of balance.

I realise this is a bit cryptic as I am not able to share the full story of my day but it’s not the action but the reaction that is important. For today’s lesson is about drama. Getting pulled into it, creating it, being ruled by it. It’s a lesson of trines and fire.

Astrologically speaking trines are harmonious aspects of 120 degree connections between planets (or other astrological points) in a chart. This means the energy flows easily between the two points. It’s considered positive and harmonious but, as with everything, there is a flip side as trines can also represent where things travel too easily, feeding off each other and, with a lack of challenge (that you would get from a square aspect), can become destructive.  Fire spreads easily when encouraged and drama is spread and expanded through giving it attention. And more often than not the drama is illusory, fanned by a rampant ego in the mode of fear response. With a natal fire trine, as I have, drama can carry you away.

Today drama threatened to take hold, and it did for a portion of the day. i found myself concocting scenarios and responses, fretting over things I could no longer change and spiralling down into a world of pure negative thinking.

Luckily with today’s lesson came some helpers, 3 crystals I had chosen at the beginning of the day and one human. The crystals of Carnelian, Tourmaline and Turritella Agate worked on grounding my energies, protect myself from my own ego bashing and calming my thoughts and restoring reason. The human, in the form of a dear Virgo friend who listened without judgment and freely shared her own emotional world.  All combined to bring me back to my present and gently nudge me back into orbit as I was able to see the drama for what it was

…an illusion of my own creation.

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