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Field of Dreams

I am so excited today.  Not just because I have managed to avoid the siren call of daytime tv and cracked through a number of chores, but because I’m off to a talk by the quite marvellous Lynne McTaggart in a bit.

For those who do not know of this incredible woman, she started as an invesgitative journalist, fairly sceptical until she delved in to the world of energy, spirituality and psychic ability and came up with The Field.

I read The Field as part of my course reading during my crystal healing course 10 years ago and it was the first book that prodded awake my inner scientist as the subject matter turned to the world of physics.  Quantum physics to be precise.  I can’t profess to understand it all but the questions it raised for me allowed me to explore my own experiences and “gifts” in a way that made sense to me, through the lens of energy.

The Field is the name for the field of energy of which we are all part and all connected. The quantum “soup” or zero-point energy field.  Learning in these pages of our fundamental interconnection to everyone and everything just clicked to me.  Like I had suddenly received the combination to a locked room and remembered everything that was in there.

From this point things shifted for me as I explored other books such as Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, who explored how The Field has been and can be harnessed for healing potential and Crystal Enlightenment by Katrina Raphaell, focused on the crystal resonant energy.  Neither as hippy and lala as I expected, both raising thoughtful questions and providing compelling arguments that challenged my current scientific view.

Life-changing books. Trajectory-setting books.  The Field and others like it are a huge part of why I am following this particular dream.

I wonder if I’ll get to say thank you?

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