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Dreams of British treasures

22 degrees in London today and after spending most of 2013 indoors sick, 2014 indoors working, I am enjoying 2015 outdoors as much as possible.

So today I have planted myself at one of my favourite places on earth. No, not the Grand Canyon, Avebury or even Geordieland, but the impressive and rather eccentric building of the British Library.

The British Library is probably still not high up there on a tourist tick list jockeying for position with the similiarly named Museum and the formidable South Kensington set of V&A, Natural History and Science Museums. No doubt after that lot people are “museumed” out. What a shame though as this place houses one of the most important constitutional documents in history, the Magna Carta, and the oldest version of the telling of the Christian story in the English language, the Lindisfarne Gospels. (Sorry my Geordie compatriots for that reminder, I know you think they should live up in Lindisfarne itself) There are some other surprises and shocks in the free Ritblat Treasures room which are for the joy of discovery should you ever find yourself here.

It also literally shows off George the Third’s unique collection of books in the best bookcase ever made, that is a six storey high glass bookcase.  Gifted to the British public by his son, George the Fourth it has been publicly available ever since. (Subject to achieving reader status that is)

Which is why I am here today, to become a Reader.  Treasures is one thing but for a new business in London, but the Business and IP centre is a world of information for developing ideas and finding inspiration.  They also offer course, events and meeting space if you are very quiet.

My heart fills when I am here and just when i think its full it fills some more. Because not only do I love coming here as a member of the public but I had the absolute honour of working here during my HR days and the phenomenal priviledge of seeing it from behind the scenes.  It was also just around the time of my crystal exploration journey when i started my course so it has an extra special resonance.  I remember connecting with the symphony of energies i could feel from the all of the books and just feeling blessed to be there. It had always been a dream to work there and whilst in a different form than expected this was a dream that came true.

Looking back sadly I let that feeling go after a while as i became embroiled in those typical office politics of which the Library was not immune but I also made some deep and long lasting connections.

So as i bring my gushing to a close I am thinking about the message.  Yes there is something about being practical, getting organised, tapping into the vast resources of knowledge here but its also so much more than that, because here I manifested a dream. I made it real through intention, effort and plenty of nudging from the universe.

So dreams can come true, maybe not necessarily how you expect.

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