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Symbolic reflections

Moon in Pisces today. And what more fitting tribute than spending it with a fellow Piscean and a glass of Pimm’s!

My Piscean friend is another one of my inspirations. Someone who is passionate about public service, who is reflective and thoughtful and who is probably the most generous person I know. All qualities I admire and aspire to but is a challenge given the abundance of fire in my chart.  I’m not saying Water good, Fire bad here at all, nor am I saying Pisces best (honest) because every sign, every element, every mode has it’s polarity of expression which we tend to call positive and negative. I’d rather call it yin and yang.

The yin/yang symbol is something struck a deep chord in me in my late teens and has stayed with me. A scarf of it adorned my wall at university, a ring my finger and I would find myself doodling it all the time.  I believe the universe speaks to us through this symbol: every positive contains a negative, every negative a positive, duality is an illusion and the universe contains versions of it all. Variations on a theme.

I also see this as the Mind-Spirit connection or Mind-Heart which is expressed through our bodies that is represented by the circle in which the symbol sits. I talked today to my Piscean friend about the struggle I have internally in reconciling this intuitive approach to manifesting my dream (the heart) with the desire to plan it through logic and reason (the mind). What I recognise now through reflecting on the symbol is I have been holding an assumption that heart good, mind bad without allowing the wisdom through that both contain the other. Both are needed.

Ah there is my message for today. The good in the bad, the bad in the good.

And with this comes balance.


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