M.E, Planning, Spiritual work

Up and running

The beautiful sunny weather has left us for now but I managed to see it off from the stunning surroundings of Regent’s Park. Me and a few ducks, geese and the odd swan. I can definitely say for once that I’ve made the most of my outdoors time, replenishing that Vitamin D.

And today I started a new challenge. Part related to manisfesting my dream and the rest taking the next step in recovery from M.E.


Ok jogging.   Lightly.  And not far.

Finally after a year my exercise therapist thinks I’m ready to give it a try.  I doubt you will find me running a marathon any time soon but you might see me have a 5 minute jog, which for me, may indeed be my marathon.  It’s going to take a serious amount of discipline not to a)get carried away and, conversely, b) worry about relapsing. But this could be my time.

As I have finally embraced Saturn’s restriction as a boundary of care i think I can successfully counter that Aries/Saggitarius fire with a bit of my own Saturn in Taurus earth.  Consistency and patience will be key. And maybe I have developed that over the last year with the routine of a part time job and lately the discipline of writing a daily blog.

It all builds to this. A methodology to developing stamina and strength.  Without that I am given myself a significant uphill struggle to manifest my dream.  With it, the ground starts to level.

Its that message of balance, of seriousness and of staying slow and steady.

The logic of the universe at work.

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