Spiritual work

Sight unseen

As i walked up the streets of Islington towards Angel today,  a street i’ve walked up a fair few times since living in London, it really felt I was looking at things with new eyes.

Obviously observing the various elements of London in the sun does make a difference but still, it deeply felt so new and fresh. Like parts of me had just woken up.  It threw me a little bit this reverse deja vu.

Maybe this is about intention.  Since coming back from my childhood home at Easter I have been consciously creating every part of my day. Tracking the planets, meditating and working with the loving intelligence within my crystals and not forgetting the generous souls who have offered to help me prototype my astrological/crystal combo consultation. Each activity feels enriching and i am present. In the moment.

What a blessing.

I set my intention to follow my dream, live authentically and connect with loving energies both physical and ethereal. including our magnificent Mother Earth. Consequently i feel the harmony in this time. Springtime.  Rebirth, renewal, starting the cycle again.

So maybe that’s the point. My eyes might not be new, but they have woken up to new sights.

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