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That feeling of renewal continued today as the Moon met the Sun to form the New Moon in Aries.  Like the Pisces conjunction before this occured in the last degrees of the sign thus carrying the full intensity of its qualities.

I realise through my posts I might appear to give Aries a hard time.  Digging at its impulse nature and its impatience but I do have great love and gratitude for the sign too.  Because Aries, like the Fool in tarot, can represent us at our most innocent and hopeful, our most energetic, our most motivated to create a difference, to create the conditions for success.

Aries. The warrior, the pioneer, the risk-taker.  Three themes which the Sun/Moon pairing can help me (and others) embrace.  A warrior can be many things, they don’t have to be violent, aggressive or combative. They can be fearless protectors for what they hold dear.  A pioneer can be found creating innovation never before seen or equally doing something old in a new way.  And the risk-taker can be happily at home taking wild or calculated risks.  Like all things, each theme contains all perspectives, it then about our choice of action and expression.

For me, this feels like this the optimal time to create my own conditions. I’ve had some time to set a new routine, follow a slow and steady pace and build up my strength.

And now…I’m off!


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