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Impermanent fixture

I wonder if this enjoyment of structure and discipline will last or whether my Aries will get bored and go back to its default mode.  Nothing is permanent of course so “this too shall pass” at some point, as the planets above remind us by their continuous movement.

But what I can do is instill a practice. Because all I can be is a work in practice, constantly morphing,  growing and modifying. My very own prototype.

Maybe this feeling of impermanence is why I have a resistance to writing a business plan.  The recurrent thought in my head is how can I write about a future from the position of the past? Cash flow projections, goal setting, market analysis and response. Whilst the HR me could happily create that for you, to this revised me it makes no sense. 

But at the same time I can feel a pull to writing something down. To committing a particular set of words to paper. Maybe because I wrote my first “funding” request this week, maybe it’s transit Mars communing with my natal Saturn.   I do know though that I want to continue to follow my intuitive guided approach so I therefore need to let go of my resistance and see where it takes me.

Caution: (business) planning ahead.

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