Spiritual work

Running order

I’ve been capitalising on the outgoing Aries/incoming Taurus energy today.

This morning was my first time going out for a run. Or in my case walk/run/walk/run/walk/run/walk. Slow and steady but moving forward.  (I like that, it could become my mantra).  Thankfully I managed to get round the circuit I’d devised for myself and was elated when I got home.

For a bit of context for someone with M.E this is huge.  Just under two years ago I could barely move from the sofa to the kitchen and even moving a thought from one side of the brain to the other was just impossible.  The thought of running felt like a foolish notion.  Everest from sea-level.  Just over a year ago I started a part time job and in between I had to lie down for most of the day.  At this time I told my exercise therapist that it was this daft goal I had to go running.  She smiled and said we could work towards that.

And now, here I am, I did it.

And I know the point is sustaining and building but please do permit my Aries ascendant a little crowing here, she has so longed to do something energetic and now she wants to just tell the whole world. That today… She. Went. For. A. RUN. A frickin’ RUN!!!

Not so foolish now eh?

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