Spiritual work

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother Earth that is. A day for acknowledging, celebrating and sending back love to the life-giver of all of us, in deepest gratitude.

I received an email today from the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) reminding me to give thanks to our great Mother on this day. The GCI is an inspiration manifested by heartmath.org who are measuring changes to the Earth’s electromagnetic field around the globe when people send out messages of love from their heart.  One of the things they are testing is the effect a concentration of love has on areas in the Field from a cohesive focused group (hence coherence).
My inner scientist really likes this. Data to analyse, evidence, testing. Very good. And the inner hippy adores the idea of sending out love and healing. Thus they are both playing well together, enjoying their common ground. Harmony all round. A welcome change from yesterday’s more challenging internal dynamics.

So today, the dutiful scientist/hippy did as requested.  Spending the afternoon with one of those amazing Virgo souls in my life sending love and appreciation the planet through a healing meditation, with the Earth’s first children, crystals.  Like most of my visualisation meditations I felt that some of the words I was saying were not mine but coming from a higher?deeper? place (this actually cannot be described used 3D) as  I was reminded to connect with all facets of the Earth’s living energy-crystal, flora, fauna- and to send love to all.

As our Earth is not just a planet on which we live, it is every single thing on the planet.  Every thing to which our great Mother has given birth.

So today I give my heartfelt thanks to Gaia and all her progeny and I invite you to do so too. You never know, we might shift a needle or two.

With love to you all.

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