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Boom and Busted

Mars and Mercury are buddying up to my natal Saturn this week and today I felt that quite keenly.  This kind of transit could be difficult, especially if I rebel against it (usual pattern) and especially when it comes to getting things done.  As it is I think I found the light in the shadow…although there’s another few days of this temporary alliance to go.

With this planetary aspect I am being guided to progress carefully and organise my thoughts. Build strong foundations. Oh and stay calm as things are brought to the surface.  This is a time of things bubbling up. Stuff I might have thought I had dealt with (language says it all there) and other stuff that was a complete unknown. Detritus. Ephemera. Energetic gunk.

My own “Keep calm and carry on” moment.  As Mars and Mercury both advise me to put one foot in front of the other and pay close attention. Observe, embrace, enjoy, connect, sense. Don’t compare and contrast, don’t rush ahead, just feel and take your time. 

I wonder if this might have been a time when i did try and rush and live in my head when this partnership would feel unpleasant. Where I would be forced to stop and take my time. Could those blocks and brick walls be that? Is this what the world looks like without whizzing about?  I never liked the term “boom and bust” particularly referring to people with M.E as if they were one amorphous lump, but in my case ’tis (mostly) true.

Well if this isn’t bringing up stuff in action I will eat my summer floppy hat. Yes, that would be the power of this transit. Lessons. Stark truths.

And now I have to sit with that, and take my time or back round on this karmic merry-go-round I will go.


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