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Home is where the plan is

Another pleasant surprise in my planetary transit analysis this morning. One I didn’t think was going to transpire and was scratching my head as to what else it might mean.

I was meant to be out most of the day today spending time with one of my work besties from my last job, catching up, swapping stories and most likely sharing a bit about astro and crystal stuff.  But, after confirming it was all happening, furrowing my brow further re the transits, she suddenly called and told me she couldn’t make it after all.

The transit in question was Moon in Cancer was sextile my natal Virgo 6th house Moon and conjunct my IC.  My intuition told me when I connected with this that my sanctuary was calling and that spending time at home was likely the outcome. And given the theme of 6th house can be about work, could I call this working from home? But this was not to be my day as planned,  quite the opposite in fact.  But it turned out, that’s just what it was.  Co-incidence. Correlation. Correspondence?  Too early to tell, more testing needed. Results recorded.

But I did take advantage of the alone time,  with an incredibly strong meditation and some further astro and crystal reading.  Then, as I have my first proper meeting on Monday with a support organisation I channelled the Moon’s cardinal (initiating) energy and got going on my business plan. Sorry, my manifestation plan.  And somewhere along the line I may have actually enjoyed it.  (Adding a bit of colour and whimsy may have helped).

So now I have something to share and work with, something tangible for people who might not get my level of lala and starry-eyed hippy musings. Something that contains that nugget of seriousness garnered from the Aquarian days.

It’s getting more and more real every day.

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