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Shape of things to come

Today’s post is going to be short one as on my way to indulge in some 1980s nostalgia and hopefully a bit of a boogie.

It fascinates me how certain connections we make, however innocuous or significant they may be, play a role in shaping us and our outlook on life. Depending on, of course, how we choose to react to them.

Astrology teaches that the planets point to those influences around us be it people, events, things, ideas and our natal qualities. This particular influence, a band had more of a lasting effect than I realized at the time. Music was always so important to me, (hey Pisces) demonstrated by my young self discerning friends based on mutual music tastes (charming I know) so it makes sense a group of musicians, their poignant lyrics and funky rhythm would make an impact. This one in particular used their music to challenge the status quo of the hold of the Thatcher government. It piqued my interest in issues of social justice that would come up as a recurring theme in my life and most likely played a cameo role in the work I want to do today.

Forces at work shaping me by me allowing myself to be shaped by them.

Well, there you go, it wasn’t just about Maggie taking our milk away after all.

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