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The Magificent Seven

Well this has by far been the most active week I have had for a long time and it feels like each chakra, each level emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, has had a bit of a work out.

After spending a lovely long lunch with one of my old work besties I then spent the rest of the afternoon with my other besties, the crystals.  Tuning into my week, a certain number of them brought themselves to my attention in order for me to work with them.

The first to make themselves know were my new friend the Irish Crystal elestial, a small quartz cluster and my very old friend who has been with me since almost the start of my (conscious) crystal journey Moldavite.  After that and by way of balance came my frequent companion Black Tourmaline, then Bronzite, a Nebula Stone and a small piece of smokey quartz.

After they had been cleansed by my tibetan chimes I then intuited their placement around me for my meditation.  Surprisingly to me the Irish Quartz chose to be around 2 feet from my head, around the Soul Star placement, the Quartz cluster at top of my head (Crown chakra), the Moldavite between my Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, the Nebula stone in my left palm and the Tourmaline, Bronzite and Smokey in an outward facing arc at my feet. Thus anchoring my energy field firmly which is much needed with that level of Quartz.

Then I meditated. And off I went.  Past the point of journeying, sounds, and pictures. Awake but not awake. Here but not here. Me but not me. Plugged in to the Field.

It felt like i was been cleansed at every level, the crystals working together to remove blockages, clean up psychic debris and vibrating out any unwanted energy. For the Trekkie’s amongst us the best analogy would be like having a sonic shower! I could almost sense the frequencies of the crystals as they did their work.

Oh how I would dearly love though to part of an experiment with various measurement devices to see what I already know on an intuitive level. How they vibrate at specific frequencies to work through our physical and etheric bodies deeper than cellular, at a quantum level and who knows even deeper than that. But to see it and test it would be sublime… One day, for sure.  But until then I will offer my gratitude to them on my profound faith in their healing abilities.

What an honour and a gift to humanity they are.

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