Astrology, Planning, Spiritual work

Messages from Virgo

Ah here comes Moon in Virgo.  That explains my sudden desire to organise and sort.

After the elation of yesterday and just the teeniest bit of laurel sitting today has been focused on some good old earth energy. That is, taking time to consolidate and discern what is needed after my session with the support organisation yesterday.  Virgo is all about service too so that all fits nicely.

Normally after a day like yesterday I’ve either burnt myself out or am continuing in the same vein heading towards burning out. However consciously creating my day hasn’t just involved doing lots of windswept and interesting things its involved heeding the messages around me be that through the planets, crystals, my own intuition, repeating numbers or other forms of synchronicity.  The influences might be varied, some loud, some soft but it makes no difference until you actually start tuning in.

And it’s amazing what you pick up when you do.

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