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Crystal reset

Hmm. So much for escaping the full moon in Scorpio energy. Being a water sign and the transit moon opposing my natal Taurus what was I thinking.

Yes today has been about intense emotions. In fact the full force of the moon has exposed not just these emotions but some of their tangled roots.  A necessary excavation as I recognise this means new insights will emerge.

But it’s still a little bit bruising and I also recognise the need to recoup and recover.

Rose quartz is excellent for times like this but the two crystals that offered to work with me today are a sliver of PInk Kunzite and a small cluster of Aragonite.

Pink Kunzite, like rose quartz offer me a soothing hug of unconditional love.  This particular piece is a light pink thin slice with deep striations smooth on one side and raised on the other.  When holding it you can’t help but connect with it on the most deep physical level, through the power of touch. Using the pads of the thumb and fingers to sense each individual crevice.  It’s very comforting just on that level however i also sense a softening around my energy field as it realigns those errant frequencies released through Scorpio’s work. I notice my breathing changing too as allow the crystal to relax me.

Aragonite plays a great supporting role. The Aragonite cluster looks like something you would find on the set of Doctor Who. Tightly knit columns of clear and orange/brown growing in different directions. Connecting with it I sense of deeper frequency than the Kunzite, more about setting me still and a rather curious feeling of creating more space within my energy field, pushing it out and loosening it back up. Definitely a more earthy feeling than the airy Kunzite.

Softening, setting straight and expanding. That makes perfect sense after a bruising experience.  Intense emotions, certainly in my case, can lead to the desire to withdraw and in some cases defend. An ego response to processing raw emotions.

A nice combination then. Will remember that when that Scorpio energy comes by again.

2 thoughts on “Crystal reset”

    1. Thank you my friend. I clearly was meant to read this today.
      I agree with the sentiment in the article. Healing can become laced with ego so it makes sense to me that our frequencies if not aligned can effect any healing. Healer, heal thyself (paraphrased) has never been so apt!
      Love and light K xxx

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