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You learn something new every day

Be thankful for the little things.  I like to think of this as the reverse of “first-world problems”

Like enjoying a few small glasses of wine (with about 8 pints of water) and waking up with minimal damage. A slight fluffy head that quickly passes and suddenly, that Sunday, you had written off, magically reappears.

Bliss.  Gratitude. Joyous appreciation. My adjusted lifestyle’s bright and shiny lining.

So as Mercury scurries in Gemini, sign of those chatty twins, curious about the world and all the information contained therein, I decided to resume the mantle of stew-dent (with obligatory holey jumper) and start my new sciencey-meets-spiritual-but-also-some-thing-in-between course courtesy of Nassim Haremein’s Resonance Academy.

I mentioned in a previous post about discovering this enthusiastic, iconoclastic, smiley man talking about physics and consciousness and was drawn to support his crowdfunding campaign for the film The Connected Universe through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. By contributing to this fund I received a perk of a course called “Exploring Unified Physics” which, since I was free of that bowling ball in the head, i started today.

Six or seven bite size videos later I came across and immediately became captivated by Elisabet Sahtouris, an evolutionary biologist.  Someone inexhaustibly working across different scientific worldviews not to debunk one view of reality in favour of her own but to hold a space where all views were possible.  Where scientists with fundamentally different belief systems could come together and explore their perspectives rather than create a zero sum debate of my science is better than your science. I have never seen this before. Such wisdom.

It struck me deeply and then I found it challenging my own beliefs, specifically those that may be less conscious to me.  And, of course, gave me a crystal clear message:

Dig deep with your assumptions. “Weed out” (as Elisabet says) those that no longer serve you and be aware of where ego might be at work.  Even in my most hippy lala of days i must remember my way is not the right way or the only way or the way it’s meant to be…

Just one way. A way that, at this very specific time, works for me.

Not bad book learnin’ for day one.

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