Spiritual work

Foundations: As above so below

A shift in the prototyping of my work today.  A shift that involved a slowing down of pace, a settling.

I have been opening all sorts of doors and windows of late. Peering into the realms of predictive astrology, synastry, the influence of certain asteroids, decans, minor aspects and a slight peek into Vedic astrology for a moment or two.  With a positively aspected Mars in Sagittarius in the 9th house this is definitely a typical if not default pattern of behaviour for me.  It create a drive to constantly want to learn and explore but also not know when to stop.

Today a number of those doors and windows slammed shut. At first I thought my intuiton was on the fritz as i was also feeling a little tired. Dowsing my third eye chakra I found it was in what is called Creative Chaos. Working to process and synthesise information and my “new” reality so I knew that a message was imminent.

Before prototyping my new astro/crystal combo it came to me.  And was affirmed during a consultation with another amazing and open-hearted volunteer. The doors were closed because i was not ready for them yet. As fascinating as they were to study and test for this dream to be real, to be sustainable I must set solid foundations.  For me those solid foundations are the astrology I feel is closest to my truth, that which sees the position of the planets above as indicators and influences which operate in light and in shadow and working with people and the crystal kingdom to integrate those influences for spiritual and personal growth.

That’s the prototype right there.  The starting point.  And the message.

There is so much more to learn and discover. In time.  And no doubt my truth will change or rather evolve.

But for now it’s time to work with what I’ve got, what I know and I what I love. They are the foundations on which i will build.

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