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Saturnian slapdowns

Whatever tiredness I felt yesterday has passed.  The remnants of the release of the full moon I think as today I woke up and whilst not leaping out of bed slapping my hands together after a short while I did feel refreshed.  Awake and alive.

Like my running attempt this might not sound much but I’ve lost count of the days I have despaired about ever feeling refreshed again.  So to feel awake, even if it may just be for today, is astounding to me.

I have to bow my head in profound gratitude to the planet Saturn for this or rather actually listening to Saturn’s guidance for once.  I am sure plenty of my more Saturnianally disciplined friends are going “thank goodness for that. Finally I think she’s got it…”

Well I have, for now.  Whether it sticks or not depends on where I go next.

I have reflecting on my love affair with Saturn and exploring his impact (not always male but appears so to me). Saturn can be seen by a number of people as a planetary influence to dread, especially the infamous Saturn return. But since tuning in to a more serious and focused spirit guide at the start of the year I have been able to grow to love this headteacher of a planet.  Like everything, Saturn has light and shadow.  His restrictions and boundaries which can be felt in what I call “Saturnian slapdowns” appear at a crisis point or certainly lead to one.  Yes, its like a collective fear of being sent to wait outside of headteacher’s office.  It still sends shudders.

But discipline is not just a word for punishment.  Its also a word for focus, committment and dedication.  Saturn embodies this just as much and his slapdowns can be seen as a message to work with this energy, albeit delivered quite harshly.

As my prototype is shaping (Saturn=structure) when I work with a person’s chart and interpret the planetary influences I intuit crystals that can assist with consciously working with these energies.  For example,  to temper the message of Saturn I immediately get Rose Quartz.  The crystal that helps people with self-care, being loving to themselves and acting from a place of love.  Working with rose quartz can also aid Saturn by helping people put themselves first if they are being too sacrificial or playing the martyr thus creating their own boundaries with love rather than fear. And like Pink Kunzite, it softens the energy field after a bit of a bruising encounter.  Like the soft kiss on a wound to make it better.  Always gentle, always loving.

And undoubtedly something I have personally found invaluable during this work.  Maybe without these crystal companions I might have misinterpreted the spirit of Saturn’s message.

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