Spiritual work

Choosing Hope

A tense day today. Not just for me but most likely around the country.

I started my day by voting. And my choice was one of head or of heart. Right until the moment of being in the voting booth I did not know where I would be guided but a couple of deep breaths later and a request to my loving guides I received my answer. 

And that is the nearest I am going to get to being political here but what is evident is sensing this is a day where people are holding their breath.  Including me.

Today represents a real lesson. My intuition is there to gently remind me that all is as it should be. Act in love not fear, have faith and have hope.  Not as comfortable a place for me as I’d like given how much value I usually place on my particular political view and desire to make a difference.

It’s a struggle to be in this present moment and let go of the outcome. To suspend my thoughts about what might be and what has been.  And about what happens if. So my crystal companions today have held me through that struggle, especially my Green Aventurine.  

I have a few pieces of this stone and the one I have been working with today is a small smooth palm stone, light and darker green swirls.  As soon as I connected with it today I felt open and expand my heart chakra and tap into my inner knowing, my observer and higher self. It also felt like it fizzed through my energy field, exciting the atoms and clearing debris. For me that cleared the mental dilemma and confusion and allowed me to read my heart. And then vote with it. 

Afterward I noted in Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible (always after I intuit the stone never before as of course I still like to test myself) that Aventurine is particularly helpful for making decisions and stabilising one’s state of mind. That’s why it called me. To specifically help with this task of the day.

And to remind me to always proceed in whatever action I take in…

Love and Hope. 

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