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No-nonsense co-operation

We had our second Meetup group today.  A small group again but lots of useful information shared and mutual support given and thanks to the alchemy created by the players we came up with a way of describing our group: No-nonsense Spirituality. Of course the title is a litte tongue in cheek but there is something quite tantilising about the phrase, certainly for me anyway.

I started my quest to manifest my dream with a strong desire to follow an intuitive path, to stay focused on what is that I wanted to create and allow for moments of serendipity and sychronicity. I didn’t anticipate Saturn’s influence or that nugget of seriousness that found its way through.  I thought that represented the old me, the HR me, the one I wanted to leave behind.  However over time I have embraced if not started a love affair with the most serious of planets (sorry Pluto) and have found a natural balance.

Saturn is of course no-nonsense but also deeply spiritual.  The astrology I like to follow indicates to me a planetary influence that offers us guidance to achieve our goals when we are following a path of love rather than fear.  He/it is not there to slap us down just for the sake of it but rather provide a safe boundary of expression.

So maybe Saturn played a role in the group today and it was certainly a shared view to focus on our own practical milestones and how to achieve them.  And for a group of spiritual entrepreneurs, this is no bad thing.





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