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Her message to the City

Today was a day to reconnect with nature.  In London this usually involves going to one of the great city parks, in my case, Regent’s Park. Thanks to my recent Mindfulness eductation I enjoyed some mindful time taking in the vast varieties of luscious green, the vivid rainbow colours of the flowers and the eccentric antics of the resident birds. Deeply healing and restorative as I am still feeling a little tired.

But when you can’t get out to a park or a garden a fantastic stone for connecting to nature is Petrified Wood. An ideal combination of my favourite descendants of the Earth -trees and rock. It has a gentle and ancient vibration and works to ground our energies which is helpful if you are someone who is often found floating in the ether,  have an overworked brain, taking on too much or lacking physical energy.  These are all issues of an underactive root chakra, a vital energy centre for staying realistic, practical and our physical presence. Our link to the Earth and the energy and wisdom she imparts.

All stones of course come from the Earth but stones like Petrified wood carry the message with them that connects us to the natural cycles of life, reminding us who we were before all this drama and busyness we have created for ourselves; a message we often are lucky to hear when spending time “unplugged” in nature:

We are all one and all live in harmony.

Definitely a message to keep close and dear, especially when living in London.

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