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Cosmic kick

I had the tables turned on me today as a new friend (and most definitely previously known friend!) did a tarot reading for me.  It’s one thing to follow inner guidance and intuition through your own readings, astro analysis etc but it is more than another when that guidance is played back to you through someone else.

Tarot readings to me have always represented sitting down with a loving guide whom, like astrology, we can choose to listen to or not, like any giver of advice.  Often this loving guide though can communicate in such a way that it hits home. The message can be blunt, not what you want to hear, contradictory to what you want to believe but deep down there is the resonance, the bell ring and you know the guidance is certainly meant for you. Accessing as it does, the person that we are when no-one is watching. No-one except ourselves and those envoys of the universe – the etheric ones.

Today’s loving guide of course had a distinctly Saturnian edge and there was no where for me to hide. Banged to rights I was.  There was the hippy lala Piscean focused on the dream rather than the practical planning, the Virgoan doubt and self-criticism and the impatient Aries wanting to be further on that it is, taking on too much, getting overwhelmed and distracted. Luckily my guide had a message though to help me navigate through of “building strong foundations little by little, and pushing through the fear”.  This referred to my progress and best course for success to manifest my dream and sounds and awful lot like the “slow and steady, get on with it ” messages the planets have been indicating for me.

So it’s more of keeping up the discipline, taking things in small chunks and getting (and staying) pratical.

Affirmation indeed …with a little cosmic kick.

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