Spiritual work

Tales of the Unexpected

Retrograde Mercury can certainly exert an odd influence. Like finding yourself at a Westfield shopping mall on a Bank Holiday weekend. For someone whose passion involves opening a shop you’d think this might be hallowed ground but no not me. Undoubtedly a  combination of that impatient Aries ascendant, efficient Virgo moon and awkward Aquarian Venus (and of course in true Aquarian style my Aquarian fiancé loves it)

The saving grace of this particular Westfield is that it is in Stratford, home to the 2012 Olympics and I am immediately transported back to that time. We were blessed to have tickets for both the Olympics and Paralympics and I remember being completed overwhelmed by the amazing hopeful, loving, we-are-all-one energy in the stadium. The cheering for EVERY team and the feeling of true community.

My pleasant surprise today is that whilst this area has now become a bastion of consumerism that just underneath that feeling, that incredible energy created by millions of hopeful hearts is still here.

So thank you Mercury for your gift today, finding hope where I least expected it.

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