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Forest wisdom

Today was a case of the ridiculous to the absolute sublime: Me, the Aquarian and a still and silent medieval forest.


There is nothing like a stroll through a deep and shaded forest, giving thanks to both amazing ancient trees and on their way to amazing new ones. Not only that but experiencing a particular place for the first time is just magical.  And so it was in my first visit to London’s own Epping forest. Pretty much on our doorstep but until today never stepped in.

Such a contrast of pace to yesterday. People were walking at almost commuter level yesterday and it was fall in or fall over. Today walking amongst the dipping branches of the great trees the pace was only just a little past standstill. Breathing was automatically deeper and the feeling of expansion was not just external.  But there was more than a feeling of expansion that I picked up because I could also sense a feeling of wisdom.  A natural wisdom about balance, synergy, co-operation that the forest was imparting. Observing the exposed roots of the trees, the funghi growing within, the tiny creatures crawling on the bark is the only physics lesson I could ever need about the interconnection of everything.

And how precious it all is.

So thank you my wonderful teachers. Your loving wisdom has been well received.

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