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A lazy bank holiday day today after a busy couple of days and i’m feeling reflective.

As i settled to watch a talk by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, a Buddhist teacher, I found myself listing a whole load of questions. Given the powerful influence of our lovely retrograde Mercury in all things inward looking I thought I’d share…

How many of us have felt a call to action, to service to humanity in recent years?

How many of us have felt that call getting louder?

How many of us have attempted to ignore the call, rationalise it away or talk ourselves out of it?

How many of us have been called after a period of physical, mental or emotional pain?

How many of us are attempting to answer the call and don’t know where start?

How many of us are feeling overwhelmed with options, with ideas, with paths to follow?

How many of us become paralysed with fear of change or failure?

How many of us struggle between what we feel is right for us and what society tells us?

How  many of us are wondering how this call to service  could sustain us financially?

How many of us worry we are not enough?

How many us feel we are going through this alone?

11 questions tumbling out from somewhere almost too quick for me to keep up.  Another day for the unexpected.

I can only write this blog from my own point of view and I can only share how it feels for me. All these questions I have asked myself since starting this journey, not just when starting my blog but when I received that first gentle nudge more than 10 years ago. A nudge that become a shove that became a thwack out of orbit and back again.

And I know I am not alone.  I know You are not alone, whomever and whereever you are.

That is the message I have, not the answers, the successful strategy or the next step on the path. Just that.

And that feeling of solidarity, of communion gives me strength. I hope it does for you too.

Love and Light x

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