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Enter the Challengers

Today Westminster gardens was my office and a fellow dream follower friend my business advisor.

And it’s been quite the day.

I started the day with a dialogue with someone in the property development world about possible space. This involved me shaping my vision further into a language and format that this person would understand. I asked the Aquarian to help me as he has a knack for these things and it felt quite special for him to play such a supportive role. Then more good work in the afternoon with my Sagittarian friend excitedly exploring each others ideas and opportunities and creating magic in moments of flow.

One of the messages that came through my reading on Friday was about days like this -communication and collaboration. As I wrote back in the early days of my blog deciding to do something that could be considered life-changing and/or radical can create an impact on the people around you. For me I have found that having the right “frequency” of people around for support a particular time has been an important part of having the conviction to follow my dream and keeping momentum. The cheerleaders are important when you want to “stoke the fire” when your vision is still being formed from your passion and drive. It’s a time for creativity and confidence building.  Once the vision is clear comes the time of the challengers, those that will help you shape your vision and give it a physical presence. Most likely bash it and bit and test the mettle.

Those cheerleaders and challengers can help or hinder depending on how you call upon them. Call on a challenger when things are still wobbly and amorphous and the shape might not be what you wanted or your confidence may be affected to the point of giving up; call on a cheerleader when you are making your dream manifest and they might take you down a path that is unrealistic or impractical. But get them at the right time and you move forward, and keep moving forward building and creating as you go.

Helpers helping in a way that is authentic to them. Cheerleaders shaping in their own way, challengers cheering in their own way. Some definitely different people and some the same people playing a different role at different times.

But all blessings from the universe for your journey.

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