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Piece by piece

I thought when I looked at the Mars Mercury transits last week that the closer they got the more powerful they would be. In fact I felt a bit of a “boom” might happen. Not a literal one but whatever boom was needed to shift “stuff”. Well the last 24-30 hours has been my boom. So much so that it has spun my plans around, a complete 180 as they say.

Looking back i can see that thread of universal logic bringing together what i thought were disparate and random ideas into something with form and substance. My new (past life old) friend referred to this as not a Portfolio career but a Patchwork career and i can now see how the different colours and patterns weave together.

Sorry, i am being cryptic but actually that’s a polite British sorry as I’m really not. Because i am not ready to reveal my creation just yet. It’s still in the ether, and taking into account the retrograde Mercury teaching, now is not my time for action.

But when it’s ready you’ll be first to know…

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