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After the booming of the last few days today was a change of pace and an opportunity to start crafting my patchwork quilt.
I am constantly amazed by the power of synthesising information. That is working through new insights through non-thinking. You could choose to see this as letting another part of the brain have a little explore for a change or allowing the new frequencies of the insights to permeate the energy field. Each making new connections creating the opportunity for more insights down the way.

Today’s non thinking space also offered a bit of geographical exploration too in the form of a quick visit to Kenwood House on the edge of Hampstead Heath. This English Heritage gem (pun intended) has an incredible collection of paintings and stunning, peaceful grounds.

Spending time absorbing the different styles of the artists all freely available to the public was certainly a pleasant distraction from business planning and activity shaping but it had the added benefit of creating the sense of more space in my busy brain and further expansion in my energy field. And as i connect to that feeling I can detect that there has been a shift in frequency too.

Almost like working with a crystal. And I have the distinct impression this may inform my next thinking time.

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