Mind Body Spirit, Spiritual work

Ok then..

Weird energy in the air today. Everything I attempted to do turned into something different no matter what. And I am not expecting this blog post to be the exception.
Feelings rather than words seem to be the order today. Raw feelings to boot. This could well be the bite of retrograde Mercury. We’ve already had the about turn this week and now it’s onto second guessing and delving into my shadow behaviours surfacing weird and obscure memories.
I can see why they say don’t make decisions or any sudden moves because this period of time is a twisty turny thing.
All part of the development process. And not something you would find in your typical business plan! At least we get fair warning and a bit of steer on what we need to do to navigate our way through.
Just under 2 weeks left. Lots of time for more of the unexpected so here we go…

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