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Relief and restoration

Yesterday’s weird mood continued today as I woke up feeling decidedly out of sorts. The week’s activity meant that today needed to be a rest day but part of me was resistent to that. This left me with a restless feeling and an irritation towards anything and everything. And a sinus infection.

Enter my crystal companions.

At a visit to a crystal and meditation shop yesterday two stones decided to come home with me: an Infinite stone and Gold Sheen Obsidian. (pictured above) Previously I have felt the call of these stones prior to finding them when consulting my crystal compendiums and I am very thankful that I got to work with them today with a healing meditation.

The Infinite stone, which is a form of Serpentine, is like having access to the healing energy of trees.  It has a gentle grounding effect and a feathery vibration.   This grounding  is useful when the mind is spinning and whirring when the body wants rest. Placing it on my sacral chakra I could sense energetic tendrils coming from the stone soothing and flowing down to my root and into the ground.  This would therefore be a great helper for someone who finds it difficult to put down roots when meditating and would work well alongside similar stones such as Petrified wood and Jasper.

Gold Sheen Obsidian has similar properties to Obsidian but a more gentle effect. Obsidian is strong and protective especially against negative thoughts or other people’s own negative energies but Gold-Sheen Obsidian seems to be more focused on repairing the field following a negative experience or mood. It is incredibly light and focusing on its sheen seems to calm an (over)active mind. Placed on the third eye chakra point I found it also faciliates a meditative state.

So some calm restored and the restless part of me dissolved away.  Time to relax now, ask my body’s immune defence take over and let those irritations wash over me.

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