Spiritual work

Building in the works

One of the about turns from this week has been around the nature of space. So far I have been fairly fixed on finding a physical space and then populating the space with various elements such as crystals and therapies. I’ve looked at leasing a space on my own, with others, sharing a space and repurposing a space.  What I hadn’t turned my eye to was creating a space.  Not creating a phsyical space but a feeling, which is actually at heart of what I want to do. Back to the “soft tingles, warm whispers” from my meditation at the beginning of the year.

Whilst having a shop is certainly be my ideal, what will make it my dream come true is how it is of service to others. And that comes from actions of love not just a geographical point. “Working in a way that I love that produces love…to learn about alternatives, to support their personal development,to be kind and gentle to each other” as I wrote as my original outline of my dream. To do this, to get it off the ground does not necessarily mean I need my own space to do it.

I can start to do that right now by creating and manifesting the various activites that will form those actions.  An energetic “build it and they will come” approach. In fact I already am. I’ve started the astro-crystal consultation service, Enlightened Enterprisers is up and running , and next month, a new service will commence (keeping that under a hat for now) as well as further plans in the works.  And then, when the work is done, the space in which all this will sit will manifest.

So the energetic shop is open.  Gaining solidity every day.

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