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Developing the astrological crystal combination service today.  As I have mentioned previously there are so many forms, theories, schools of astrology, so much so that I find it a little overwhelming to look at head on.  But once the intuition is engaged, it’s like looking at the Magic Eye picture.  The more you relax the more you “see”.

The reason for developing this service is to offer a different insight to people about areas in their life that are either challenge or inspire them, or, as astrology is well versed in the art of paradox, a bit of both!  I don’t profess to be psychic or make revelations about someone’s life that I couldn’t possibly know, if that happens it’s certainly exciting and a pleasant surprise but it’s not my reason for doing this.  Astrology is the study of patterns, archetypes, an ancient art where our ancestors figured out that certain things happened when the planets (and stars) above were in different positions, that is, as they could see in relation to the Earth.  I believe those patterns and archetypes can offer us invaluable information as to who we are and who we can be, a different perspective, or even a form of lateral thinking.  Therefore if something I interpret from reading someone’s chart sparks something, an idea or a realisation about why that person’s does/thinks/feels a certain way that is helpful to them and their journey, well then that feels to me what this service is about.

To then recommend crystals to work with seems to flow naturally from that. Those pretty rocks that have been such a positive force in my own life.  Crystals that can work on the energy blocks, the ego expressions and bring out a person’s light; astrology therefore becomes somewhat of an diagnostic tool rather than a method of prediction.

So that’s the service in a nutshell. Astrology and crystals, what I like to call…


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