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Light expression

More Astro-rocks today.  I love the lightbulb moments people have when they get an insight.  Something to work with, something that feels tangible to them,  often surfaced from the unconscious to the conscious.  What people do with it then is up to them and the crystal that has chosen to work with them on their journey. The decisions they make our of their own free will and they can get to consciously create their future from a little bit more knowledge than they had before.

I had my own realisation about this a few weeks ago when it hit me that what I was doing was offering an interpretation of what was already there.  It’s the planets and that universal field of consciousness guiding the way, offering their wisdom and support and my role is to translate the messages.

Translator…intepreter…my own messages were there back in high school as I was drawn to study languages (French and German) right up to my time at university. That is, the first time round.  Because it was there that my illusion about what I  planned to do was made clear.  One, I wasn’t very good at these particular languages, ironically later finding more resonance with Spanish. And two, it appeared that I was setting myself up for a life sitting in a box whispering into a microphone. Not exactly the people person role I wanted. Leaving that course and dropping out represented one of my first major adult life-path decisions at the time and took me to places I would have never planned to have gone.

And ultimately led me here.

A “knowing” that I’ve carried for a while is that the soul seeks to express itself through us in what we do. That expression can be seen in the birth chart.  Languages was about connection to me but the path I had chosen actually was one of disconnection,  HR another form of connection and building from that one of service but I found that service to be more of a negative than positive force.  And now this.  A new language and a way to be of service.

Thus the soul has chosen a new expression.

Whether this is its final expression or evolution of expression remains to be seen.  It’s quite early on that particular part of the journey.  But as Astro-Rocks is showing,  I get to consciously create the steps each day so whatever happens is up to me.

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