Spiritual work


Speaking of stones I had a reminder today from my internal ones, courtesy of my gallbladder.

I have to admit to being a little naughty of late with a few more “treats” creeping into my diet and allowing myself to think that I could. Hubris, the Jupiterian quality, often slapped down by the always sensible and restrained Saturn, plays a significant role when it comes to my health. A recurring theme of the M.E boom and bust and, more acutely, this.

On a positive note my touchstone, Kambaba Jasper combined with Honey calcite and Dioptase offered me relief as did the ability to meditate standing up as lying down made the pain worse.  Once I was able to connect to those energies and breathe deeply (the pain making me take shallow, rapid breaths) I was able to start to recover.

Wiped now though and a little startled but thankful that rather harsh lesson is over.

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