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Little Capricorn

A little sore and cautious today but undeterred from my plans.  And thanks to the transit Moon in Capricorn, an opportunity to knuckle down and do some actual planning.

First up is planning my first bulk crystal purchase.  I have researched and identified a couple of good wholesalers with strong ethical values so today was a day for spreadsheets and sums although I did smile to myself that those spreadsheets involved the words “rose quartz” and “tumblestone” as opposed to “new starters” and “vacancy rate”.  Keeping the fun bit of Virgo analysis by changing the content!

Also with that Capricorn influence I have been able to look at my situation in its present reality rather than its aspirational one.  Part of living in the moment and also recognising the need for discipline and that motto of slow and steady.  Things are moving, I am keeping momentum, but it’s in more bite size chunks that I had expected.  Slow and steady is now also little by little.

The Sagittarian/Jupiterian lesson yesterday of literally biting more than I could chew (or rather digest) has shown me that.


2 thoughts on “Little Capricorn”

  1. Oh no. I just realized that you are developing wholesaler contacts and thus may get access to harder to find stones (that I can’t find on websites and don’t trust the authenticity of eBay sellers)… this may be dangerous for an addict like me. 😉

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    1. Oh that is a good point. I might not be the best person to help restrain you in that regard despite my love affair with Saturn. 😊But drop me an email with your wish list and I’ll keep an eye out. Love and light K x

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