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A little more

More of the same Little Capricorn today. More work on my crystal shopping list and two further Astro-Rocks sessions. It’s all building nicely.

And the welcome return of physcial energy.

Not that I went out running or anything dramatic.  More a feeling of strength and the ability to do some chores. I have been here before many a time and today could represent one of the more infuriating elements characteristic of M.E – the false return. This isn’t pessimism so much as experience. It’s all part of getting the balance right between rest and activity. Do too much and it’s back down I go, don’t do enough and I give myself more of an uphill struggle.

But by using that Capricorn message of little by little I am hoping that I found the discipline I needed to find that elusive balance and thus may have pleased that exacting taskmaster Saturn.

That, of course, I’ll discover tomorrow.

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