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Teaching moment

Today a new guide popped into my meditation with something to say. A bit of a surprise as this one has not presented herself to me previously. This would be that insight from Mercury I was expecting then. She was showing me that i was still resisting something. That I was listening to the voice of my soul but not completely. I was choosing not to hear another message because I was trying convince myself the message was not for me or certainly not now.

The message is about teaching or what I prefer to call “helping people to understand” because I am still not comfortable with phrasing it any other way.  I am working on that though and the discomfort was brought into razor sharp focus by the revelations of the day.

I met my Sagittarian friend for our study session in the park this afternoon to talk about where we were at in manifesting our dreams. I found myself sharing with her my meditation and my guide’s message. Then through that innate and deep Sagittarian wisdom she helped me understand the nature of my discomfort…

Somewhere along the line I have attached a power dynamic to teaching.  Specifically the word.  Most likely because I saw teachers as figures of authority as a child, and then because I felt in awe of the knowledge a teacher possessed that I did not. It felt unequal, where I would always be the student. This is the Pisces/Virgo opposition shadow at work. Pisces almost eagerly giving over their power to someone else and Virgo being so self-critical and depracating that they couldn’t possibly be someone who teaches.  Stick Pluto in the 6th house of Virgo too and we’ve got a distorted focus on power added to the mix.

But what I am realising (and imagine me saying that word syllable by syllable) is that to teach is not to be the expert, the authority or the know-it-all but it is to be of service. To share the perspective you have, the knowledge you have gathered.

Freely and Joyfully.

This is how I feel about crystals, energy, intuition, astrology, consciously creating your day and I want to share it. To help people understand. To have their own lightbulb moment and find their own way.

It’s been there under the surface and now exposed by Mercury. I’m still sitting there and looking at it at the moment but I know soon I’ll be picking it up.

Just not today.

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