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Process flow

Last week it was spreadsheets, this week processes as I find myself writing up a very loose process for Astro-Rocks.  Of course this is not like recruitment and onboarding processes where it is expected that the process will be followed closely, nor do I have swim-lanes or decision points. No, this is more about documenting the process of self-discovery. Here I expect and have already found that following a set process might not be in line with the person’s learning style and a fair bit of improvisation is needed.  That I am ok with, certainly the Aries Ascendant doesn’t mind and the Sun in Pisces goes with the flow but we do have Moon in Virgo and as those of you with a more earthier persuasion could attest, a bit of structure and solidity does not go amiss.

Because my Moon in Virgo does like a bit of process. It likes to know where it is, evaluate it and make adjustments.  Awareness of this allows me to give it some room, to allow it to express itself in a more positive, helpful way and then make way for other traits to play a role. However if it is denied then up comes the self-critical schoolma’am, demanding perfection and I might find myself three hours later fretting about which font to use and getting the correct shade of orange to express the section relating to the Sun.

Luckily the very thing I am writing a process about has given me sight, knowledge and also most importantly, challenge, as to what is going on inside and why, so I can smile and that and then


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