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The Power of Three

I am waiting to head home after a rather wonderful day trip to York catching up with two dear school friends. We have been climbing our respective mountains for a number of years and I lost touch with them in my teens. But with the vast powers of social networking coupled with some universal design we reconnected again.

Clearly those pre-teen years of friendship were etched in our energies as who we were then is not a million miles away from who we are now.

Timing. It’s all about the timing. We grew up, changed, tried on new ways of being and doing and we have come around again, like our own Saturn return, and are supporting each in another form of growing up. It’s a good analogy too as spiritual development does come with it’s own form of growing pains, challenging of truths held dear and identity confusion such as our adolescent selves experienced. A blessing indeed to go through it again together.

Reason. Season. Lifetime.
Friendships never gone. And never forgotten.

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