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Test of intuition

I do not know what to write about today.  That’s not strictly true there are lots of subjects I could write about but I am just not feeling it.  Why, I don’t know. It could be the transit of the Sun into emotional Cancer or Uranus inciting rebellion above or my higher self ie intuition taking over.

Part of following that higher self guidance is trusting and having faith in the messages which can be tricky if you like a bit of empirical data.  Often I have tested myself by checking the messages with my pendulum, reading the words of experts in the field eg Judy Hall with regards to crystals or Liz Greene with regards to Astrology, random google searches and validation of the experiences of people where I received information about them. Each time it’s there, the guidance received myself that I was not ready, or confident enough to trust.

It’s still very much a work in progress as some days I feel more confident than others but I know that the more I work with my intuition the stronger it gets, and the deeper the connection.

And that’s the tip really.  If you have started to consciously access your intuition through whatever means or through connecting to that feeling of unconditional love that’s what I’d say. Practice, practice, practice.  Trust the guidance as it comes from a place of love. Test it if you want to too, it won’t be upset with you or go away.  Just build the connection and you’ll find your own inner best friend.

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