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Alchemy at work

Something curious is happening.  I wasn’t sure at first but now I can recognise the signs…

HR is making a reappearance

Earlier in the year before I finished my HR work I noticed crystals, astrology, meditation and discussions about energy were asserting themselves into my day to day work and I knew it was time to take the leap. What I didn’t anticipate is that HR would then do the same in my new line of work. I found myself talking about the 7th House in relation to the psychological contract a person has with the organisation they work with and providing guidance around CVs and job hunting, in particular telling the  “story” of a person’s career history, and types of roles that might resonate with someone’s planetary influences.

So of course it’s made an appearance.  Why wouldn’t it? It’s another moment of looking back and seeing the universe’s logic at play. I’ve spent nearly 20 years developing HR knowledge and experience and now I get the opportunity to thread it through. I’d always thought that spirituality would have played a role in my HR work, part of the reason I named my company Alchemy-HR, but I hadn’t thought about it the other way around!  And now I see that that HR part of my life expression does not want to be discarded. Because it is telling me it can still play a vital role,  provide a different perspective in the world of healing and complementary therapy.

Not at all ironically this is alchemy.  Two opposing forces coming together to create something new. Those forces maybe unstable, untested and trying to move in different directions.  But what an opportunity they could provide!

It didn’t work before.  Then I missed the obvious link.

But may I just need to adjust the formula.

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