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Feeling Friday

The Sun is shining and everyone is out in London town enjoying that precious work week ending drink. Myself included. I might not be operating a conventional space but it doesn’t mean I want to dismiss all conventions! There’s something quite wonderful about taking time to celebrate the end of working week even when your week might not be as structured. And as I sit here waiting for the Aquarian I am taking in the connecting, the sharing, the smiling and laughing.Yes I am feeling the love.

More than that I am sending it back. Feeling at one with my fellow travellers.

It’s been a good day.  We had our third meeting of Enlightened Enterprisers and it was a magical mix of practical discussion around where we are now and our goals, and connecting to our higher selves through meditation.  It was quite a thrill for me to see how the two approaches triggered new insights for the group, like turning around to see a crystal through its different faces. And, it has just hit me, it gave me a working example of blending the HR skills with spiritual practice.  Timing indeed.

I feel like I am on to something here. Something is expanding and unfolding. I can’t quite bring it into focus but each day it gets closer.

But I am not rushing it.  It’s enough for now so it’s time to get a celebratory drink and join London in embracing that fantastic Friday feeling.

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