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My day has been upended by my washing machine.  It started well. Up early, nice long and deep meditation, worked with my crystals, had a nice walk-run-walk-run and then felt the desire to do some washing. Why i felt this needed to be done today is a question between me and the stars as there was no pressing need.

But in my effort to be productive on all fronts (domestic excellence coupled with business progress) i may have pressed my advantage too far.  Consequently my day has been spent carefully manually draining the drum and handwashing 4kg worth of linen. This is not one of those Virgo tasks that I enjoy and I am now too pooped to attempt further work.

Oh well. A message there must be in the mundane.  It did make me think, as I was wringing out my bedsheets, that the process of manifesting our dreams will often involve the odd bump with domestic reality, and more often than not, technology tends to be involved. I am also reminded of running my HR business and spending days wrestling with my printer whilst a deadline ticked away.   An activity to which most people running their own business can indentify, when there is nothing you can do but get it sorted…

and maybe have a small cry.

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