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It was boiling today so my workplace this afternoon was anywhere in the shade. I met my Sagittarian friend for our weekly study session where we discuss our progress, any help or hindrance we have been experiencing, often triggering new insights.

Today was delving deep into areas of resistance. I am finding resistance is recurring theme for me in manifesting my dream, especially as it means profound personal change.

There are a number of energetic tools I work with, in which I would include dialogue with others in that definition, some I have discussed at length – astrology, tarot, meditation- and some I have touched upon – tarot, numerology.  Another tool I’ve yet to mention are known as Oracle cards.  These are cards which may resemble archetypes in tarot and astrology or relate to specific guidance intuited from the Oracle pack creator. The pack I am working with is:  Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle by Cheryl Yambrach Rose. The illustrations, created through intuitive vision, are stunning with powerful imagery.

Like tarot, Oracle cards are selected by asking a particular question, or as i also find works, tuning into a particular energy or intent that you wish to explore. Many people then meditate with the chosen card or work with it as a type of talismanic symbol which represents where they are on their journey.  And working with them for the purposes of guidance can be instrumental in unblocking creativity and progress as well as “springboarding” new ideas and insights.

They are also great for developing intuition when reading for another as the images and symbols trigger “inner knowings” in the reader even though the symbol may not be directly related.  It’s like you receive a flash of information from exploring an image. And the more you read, the more you pick up and the more you trust what you are receiving.

However if you still feel unsure you can ask yourself, “is it helpful?” and “does it come from a place of love”. I call on my guides to support my readings to to guide “my head, my heart and my voice”. This works for any type of reading eg birth chart, tarot and oracle cards.

Today’s card above was enormously helpful for me as was the interpretation from my friend.  She is new to reading and is giving her intuition a good stretch and most importantly, trusting the connection.

A powerful day where blocks were uncovered and new guidance received.  With love.

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