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Watch this space…

Well today has more than made up for the domestic shenanigans of Monday.  I have powered through a number of tasks that I have been dithering about for a few weeks.  Thanks to the Oracle reading, blocked energy has been made known and transmuted and progress has been released! No doubt the energy of the approaching Full Moon in disciplined, effective Capricorn is nudging me along too.

Also I have a name for the space.  It came to me in York with my school friends but I know it has been hovering about in front of me for at least a month or so.  But permit me the indulgence of revealing it when its ready.  I’ve been setting up a Facebook page, a twitter handle and a few other bits and I want to spend a bit of time shaping the virtual space before I am ready to share.

I have also applied for some actualy physical space to go with the name.  I thought that it was unlikely that I’d be able to go for it right now but there may be a chance that I can actually get it and start sooner than planned. So this maybe a door opening or it maybe a window to peek through, whichever I am so grateful for the chance to get it out there and bring it into our material reality.

It’s moving, it’s happening… and I’m embracing!

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