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Saturday afternoon stroll

The Aquarian and I took a walk to Queen’s Parade in Willesden Green early this afternoon so he could take a look at the space.  That look turned out to be more of a sneak peak as it was too last minute to arrange a viewing. Peering through the windows though was enough for him to spark his creative side as he started to suggest decor and presentation options. Since he’s quite the sharp dresser with an eye for colour and detail I am certainly happy about that!

So started the shopping list of things to a acquire to give the space that feeling of soft tingles and warm whispers that I sensed in my meditation at the beginning of the year.   A few busy days ahead, pulling out old sources for free stuff and searching Pinterest for inspiration, developing our social networking presence and of course working out all those set up and early days costs.

And with that – still time. Meditating, staying grounded and finding the focus to keep it all building slowly and surely.

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